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PhonTuner (OS5 JP) prof. singing & guitar tuner 2.2.6

PhonTuner (OS5 JP) prof. singing & guitar tuner 2.2.6

PhonTuner (OS5 JP) prof. singing & guitar tuner Publisher's Description

Phonature PhonTuner is an advanced chromatic tuner for Guitar, Violin, Piano and Singing.

PhonTuner is the FIRST precision tuner to detect off-tuned notes in recordings and continuous performance. Enjoy seeing the secrets of popular singers' tonal accuracy and temperament used by top violinists. It can also alert you when your piano needs tuning.

Based on the Mathematical Cochlea of Phonature theory, less than 0.5% tonal frequency difference over a 3 octave range can be clearly seen. The spiral arrangement of an octave enable chords and intervals of melodies to be identified easily. Calibrated Sound Texture pattern in the middle reflects the timbre of sound and reveals fusing of multi-part voices.

PhonTuner indicates the playing note on the Mathematical Cochlea with a big dot and needle for you to see clearly whether it matches the target tone. Singing mode automatically shows singing or whistle in the chromatic scale from C2 to C7; users can define target tones for up to 6 strings from C3 to C6 in Custom mode.

  1. Show the tone of the loudest note in multipart music (more than one sound input) or noisy environment.
  2. Tuning Modes with tuning marks for Viola, Violin, Guitar.
  3. 1 custom Tuning Mode for up to 6 strings for alternate guitar tuning or other instrument setting.
  4. Autoranging for Singing from C2-C7.
  5. Real-time indicator showing accurately the pitch of music. Even off-tuned notes of live performance, recording and CD can be located.
  6. Fast note tracking for singing & vibrato practice and to follow quick melodies. The palm can now show depth of vibrato.
  7. Frequency locking for musical instrument tuning to hold the frequency value of a tuning string when the sound is clearest.
  8. Fading effect for easy identification of pitch fluctuation, and interval of note sequences.
  9. Pitch pipe tone generation.(Tungsten series only)
  10. Adjustable frequency scale to set reference note A4.
  11. Error meter to show accurately the error variation, flutter, jitter, etc. on a 5 cents scale.
  12. Calibrated Sound Texture pattern reflects the timbre of sound.
  13. Background noise suppression.
  14. Disable auto-shutdown as long as clear note is detected.
  15. PhonTuner is a Shareware that stops after 60-second on trial.

PhonTuner Special Hightlight Standard musical instrument support Guitar, Violin, Viola Custom musical instrument support Up to 6 strings Singing range C2-C7 auto ranging Real-time simulated analogue display Fading needle, error meter Real-time numeric display Frequency (0.1Hz), note (e.g. G2#), and deviation (0.1cent) Tuning support Stable digital read out Sound processing Dynamic background noise rejection and loudest note detection; reliable vocal frequency tracking Advanced tuning Reference note A can be set to 435Hz to 445Hz in 0.5Hz increment Signal monitor Calibrated Sound Texture display that is related to timbre of sound Accuracy 2-5 cents (clear note, quiet condition)
5-10 cents (typical condition)
Almost perfect when PDA is put in contact with musical instrument.

PhonTuner for vocal training

Get the initial 'do' tone correct by adjusting your air pressure and muscle tension. Notice any unintention tone fluctuation. When you have get a stable 'do', practice the whole octave do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do' to see whether the fading needles all fall on the marks C-D-E-F-G-A-B. Improve the tone that is most seriously off-tuned in conjunction with its neighbouring tone. After mastering the basics, look out for subtle errors such as pitch drop near end of note indicated by the needle pointer rotating anti-clockwise.

Note: Application of calibrated Sound Texture

  1. Achieve precise tuning for just intonation.
  2. See fusing of consonant notes and chords.
  3. See subtle time variation of musical notes such as that of church organ.

New 2.2.6 Version
  • improved compatibility.
  • added support for Sony NZ/NZ/TG series.

    Supports Tungsten T/T2/T3/C, SONY UX series and Garmin. Also supports SONY Clie NX/NX/TG series using ClipPet MCA2
    sound system add-in. Old Treo600 users please install Palmone system update.

    Demonstration version stops after 1 minute and without frequency display in Hz.

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